The DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING COURSE is a life-changing digital video program which brings YWAM teaching and global vision to your small group, church or any group. The course focuses on intimacy with God, radical heart transformation, world vision and immediate application of truth. The speakers are all internationally known who bring the original DTS curriculum and DNA teaching for the small group or classroom model.

This unique discipleship program incorporates hands-on application, small groups, intercessionĀ groups, social media, worship and life-changing outreach. TheĀ complete DTC package includes everything your small group, church, university, business or prison ministry needs run a dynamic discipleship program.

Dave Gustaveson has written and developed the DTC. He has a passion for effective discipleship, leadership development and global vision. After a successful youth ministry, Dave joined YWAM in 1976 Kona, Hawaii where he wrote the original DTS Training Guide and led over 38 Discipleship Training Schools.


YOUTH WITH A MISSION is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions. YWAM currently is working in more than 1,100 locations in over 200 countries with over 18,000 full-time staff.

  • Having grown up in the church, we thought we
    knew everything. This course opened our eyes
    further than we thought possible.

    Jeff and Cheri Willecke
    Freelance Designer and Loan Processor
  • Life-changing for us in every way.

    Rob and Kati Jewett
    Photographer and Entrepreneur
  • It was not just informational, but transformational.
    The 50+ students are moving into their destiny.

    Mike Polhemus
    Executive Pastor, The Rock Church, Castle Rock

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