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to deliver quality effective discipleship, leadership training and missions vision to your group.


that can be customized to your needs, including weekend, one-month or ten-week/two-night versions.


including Business, Missions, Transformation and World View.


including some of YWAM’s favorite DTS teachers and more.


print-ready high quality art design to produce banners, flyers, posters, notebook covers, name tags and all of the marketing materials that you will need.


hundreds of hours of print-ready material written by discipleship and missions specialist Dave Gustaveson, who has over 40 years of YWAM experience.


including print-ready speaker notes, art design, manuals and much more.


a hard copy 100-page Leader’s Guide that will enable you to train your staff and students effectively in the principles, philosophy and practices detailed in the curriculum, including detailed schedules of how to run the DTC with excellence.


immediately available after you get your own DTC Package. This will include social media training and weekend seminars, as well as five- or ten-day conferences on leadership development, discipleship training and how to create disciple makers.


World Evangelization and Missions

A number of challenging messages that give an overall vision of the task of world evangelization and how it is possible to accomplish in this generation.
Taught By: Fred Markert

Leading Like Jesus and The Mission of God

One of the most powerful series on being a servant leader and leading like Jesus did. Floyd speaks with authority and gives clear Biblical truth on what it means to embrace the full mission of God.
Taught By: Floyd McClung, Jr.

The Nature and Character of God

A life-changing series on how to get to know God in an intimate way through understanding his incredible nature and flawless character. This message will help you lay a solid foundation of understanding who God really is.
Taught By: Paul Hawkins

Intercession and Hearing the Voice of God

Insights on how to walk with God daily, hearing His voice and learning the power of effective intercession.
Taught By: Paul Hawkins

Original Design and the Culture of Jesus

A series that will teach you how to discover your original design, overcome fear and embrace an unoffendable spirit. Brian will give incredible insights to help you walk in a new paradigm and culture shift.
Taught By: Brian Brennt

Father’s Love for a Hurting Generation

A moving series that helps you understand contemporary culture, living life as a child and getting a new revelation of the Father heart of God. These messages will help you to deal with past bitterness and move into forgiveness.
Taught By: Dave Gustaveson

Spiritual Warfare

A popular series that will give you a new and powerful understanding on how to rule in life with Jesus. You will get a new grasp on how to deal with the continual attacks of the enemy and how to overcome and rule with the authority of Jesus.
Taught By: Dean Sherman

Hosting The Presence of God

A series that give you a new understanding of what it is to walk with God and host his presence in your everyday life. If you have always wanted to know God more intimately, David will point the way on how you can accomplish it.
Taught By: David Demian

Life in the Spirit

One of the most balanced and practical series on how to walk out the Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit. J.R. gives insight after insight on how we can utilize the Holy Spirit to impact our world each day.
Taught By: J.R. Polhemus

Spiritual Authority and Relationships

A teaching series that will give you a deeper understanding of how God builds character and leadership in our lives through his school of brokenness. Dave gives numerous illustrations on what it means to walk in true authority.
Taught By: Dave Gustaveson


Weekend Version with Curriculum

A weekend DTC of worship, teaching, intercession, small groups and personal application. You can adjust the schedule to make it a powerful and fun-filled weekend of discipleship and missions. This works well in almost any setting, especially a retreat-type location. Establish the right price and budget. You can easily add track material and follow it through with two to four Sunday morning times.

One-Month Version with Curriculum

A one-month DTC of worship, teaching, intercession, small groups and personal application. This works best in a classroom setting, and can be used in local churches, businesses, universities and even prison ministries. You can easily add track material and follow it through with two to four Sunday morning times.

Ten-Week/Two-Night Version with Curriculum

A ten-week DTC of worship, teaching, intercession, small groups, social media interaction and personal application. This works best in a classroom setting for local churches, businesses, universities and even prison ministries. You can have this during any two nights of the week, but we highly recommend that it be held on a Sunday and Monday night. This is our most popular and recommended format, and will best accomplish the goals of the DTC. Your church or group may not be ready for this level of commitment.


These four tracks fit perfectly into any of the versions of the DTC. You can adapt your schedule to cover these subjects. These could be made available on Sunday mornings in the one-month or ten week version. Please use the resource page to obtain all the information you need for all four tracks.

DTC with a Business Track

2-4 Sunday’s using live business as missions experts or using BAM video teaching available online.

DTC with A Mission Track

2-4 Sunday’s with advanced mission speakers and curriculum

DTC With A Transformation track

2-4 Sunday’s focusing on Seven Mountain Teaching

DTC with a Biblical world view track

2-4 Sunday’s with advanced Biblical World View curriculum


COMING SOON! More internationally known men and women of God.

Fred Markert


Fred Markert is one of YWAM’s most dynamic speakers and has traveled to over 150 countries. He has collaborated on projects with a wide array of churches, denominations, mission agencies, universities and non-profit organizations worldwide. He presently leads YWAM’s Network for Strategic Initiatives (YWAM NSI), an international networking team based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

David Demian


David Demian and his wife Ruth live in Vancouver, B.C. where they raise their family of seven children and Ruth continues to practice as a physician. For almost fifteen years, under the umbrella of Watchman for the Nations, David has facilitated prayer and ministry to a number of nations to help them stand in the gap. His focus is on walking with leaders in Canada, China and other Asian countries to prepare the bride of Christ for his return.

Paul Hawkins


Paul Hawkins is by gifting and training an educator. He has served with YWAM since 1971. Paul’s expertise and prophetic teaching ministry have made him a lecturer in demand around the world. His well-researched yet down-to-earth, practical and sincere teaching style has had particular impact in many nations. He has some of the finest teaching available on intercessory prayer and the character of God.

Dean Sherman


Dean Sherman has been teaching in YWAM and throughout the Body of Christ worldwide for over 45 years. He presents the truth of God’s Word with simple clarity and an anointing of authority and practicality. His unique and exciting presentation style brings new understanding on God and His ways. He makes truth both easy to listen to and challenging for life.

Dave Gustaveson


Dave Gustaveson has a passion for discipleship, missions and training kids of all ages. He has been a youth minister, evangelist, teacher and ministry facilitator. In 1976, Dave joined YWAM full-time in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where he developed curriculum and led 40 Discipleship Training Schools, oversaw the Hawaiian Islands ministry and helped launch the University of the Nations. He also is the author of a popular eleven book series for kids, the Reel Kids Adventure series.

JR Polhemus


J.R. and his wife Yvonne are the pastors of the Rock Church in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado and is a dynamic speaker on how to walk and move in the Holy Spirit. As lead pastor of The Rock, it has grown from 70 to 2000 weekly attendees, as well as countless salvations, healings and hundreds of transformed lives. Pastor J.R. has also ministered in China several times as well as India, Pakistan, Russia, Nigeria, Haiti, Mexico, Israel, the Philippines and Honduras.

Brian Brent


Brian and Christy Brennt live in Huntington Beach, California along with their four children. They are all actively involved in teaching, ministry and mobilization of the millennial generation. His current projects include working with the Circuit Rider Movement, which has a clear focus to reach the lost and awaken the saved across Universities in America. He is a dynamic, sought-after speaker who speaks with simplicity and clarity to the millennial generation.

Floyd Mcclung


Floyd and his wife Sally live in Cape Town, South Africa, where they lead All Nations, an international family of churches and missional communities. All Nations equips people from many different cultures to share the good news of Jesus in more than 30 different countries each year.